Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Trying again

A week and a half into working my 8 to 5 job; it has been 10 years since my last full  workday. 4 years since my last job.

This is not the job I will be having forever but it is definitely a good way to reenter the job force. I wonder what the future holds for me?
I am still able to get the kids up for school and get he day going; I get their lunch ready the night before, with their participation; I get their clothes ready for the next day: do their baths; read a book or two before they fall asleep: talk to them about "stuff"; help with homework. I get to still be their mom. Yay.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


When we were younger, a friend and I used to love love being anti "v-day". We wrote the most amazing poems/songs about the agonies of love and how hateful vday is. At least we thought the poems were amazing!  they helped us bond during the days when guys broke up with u right before valentines day. 

Okay so I have been married for nearing 12 years and she, probably 15 or more...but I bet you she still feels the same "it is a forced holiday, why should everyone show their feelings for each other on this one day"...I know I do. 

Anyway, happy v-day! A big heart to my patient  husband (and kids).

Catch up

-----feb 13 2014
Future civil engineers and architects.

Science was never my forte. Although I love the subject and I question things...maybe that is all it takes to encourage scientific thoughts in little children . 

Here is their version of an alternate land in which things can run around in. They built tunnels, caves, bridges and homes in the snow bank.
--------------feb 11, 2014

Waiting for my children to come home from school. Looking out through a beautiful window, inside a warm house.

They will come home the same way as yesterday and the day before,etc. First S-boy, with his head hanging low and looking tired til he hugs me, then M-boy will run straight to me to give me a hug, and lastly A-girl will come, taking as long as she can to come inside. Once inside she will have to deal with my wrath at finding out that yet again she did not eat her lunch.
Feb 10,2014
i somehow cannot get inspired to take photos everyday...i am going to have to resort to "posting a photo 365 days" vs. taking one every day...otherwise i get into the habit of not posting everyday. (this I took when in arizona 2013 when we visited Sedona.)

Friday, January 31, 2014

our family reunion pic done in arizona in november. i can't believe i didn't put this up right away. last year i put it up right away because i wanted all my family in india to see it; this year hardly anyone goes on facebook anymore, so i didn't rush to do it. although fb can be annoying b/c of it's addictiveness, it really is wonderful to keep in touch with relatives/friends around the world...wish everyone can come back to it once in a while at least.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is amazing the pure happiness one can see on a child's face sometimes. I don't mean crazy excitement like when they get the present the want, or the peaceful contentment of waking up from a nightmare-free sleep. The feeling of utter enjoyment that is not just momentous but lasting. Being in a safe place with people you trust to not hurt you, doing something that has no negative consequences, facing curiousity and delving to understand and appreciate the answer. In this case, being with your siblings during the 15 minutes if waiting for the bus. Seeing white everywhere, tasting the snow as it falls, and feeling a pile of it on your hands, making feet prints where before was just freshly fallen snow. 

Love these kids. Love having kids. They make me, constantly, see the world in a much different, simpler level.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am so happy to have found this hobby of making flowers with yarn and ribbons. It relaxes me. It calms my nerves. It results in something pretty. It allows me to feel astonished that one of the (many) things I feared (the difficulty of crocheting and knitting) was faced a little and I survived. I can take on more of these projects, more difficult projects. More difficult fears too maybe. (as i look at the picture, i see all the imperfections, it's ok though, i'll get better!)

Another cold day

Another cold day. Another day off. We did a bunch of science experiments. Fun stuff. Made water bend, peppered water jump to the edge of a bowl and blew up a ballon without blowing into it. YouTube was our science teacher today.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cold days

The kids reactions this morning to having today off. It is 9:30pm I haven't told them that they have tomorrow off too because I want them to go to bed in time. I wonder if tomorrow morning, they will jump out if bed thinking that they are late? Sometimes it is so fun to be an evil parent!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


My American children are so lucky to have their grandmother near them. They get to have yummy idli and peanut puchidi (sauce) with homemade ghee. They hate ghee unfortunately, but it is there just the same.